redraw your friend’s art meme, Sho’s casual Roxas is absolutely adorb♥
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important seeker duties
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sorceressrinoa replied to your post: if the previous anon could re-direct m…

i can’t find it on tumblr, but rasenth.deviantart.com/…

ah if it’s not on tumblr then i’ll just link it here then!! please check out this cute little comic by rasenth!! 
also, thank you for finding the link for me !!!

if the previous anon could re-direct me to the original comic that would be great! i looked but i couldn’t find it 

Anonymous sent:
psst - post 96715191605 isn't op's art, they stole it from rasenth

is it not? wow thanks for telling me i’ll go reblog the real thing now!


casual clothes for the angsty teen
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aqua………..my dreamgrl…….,.,.

hi can i request zexion and/or ienzo from kh?? uvu (mobile wont let me reply im so rry)

…..i over did it ..(.hope you like that `❤
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and then there’s these three
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